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                                                                                                                          with Viola Communications

Impulse is a photo gallery showing people reacting instantaneously to a stimulus given to them by the photographer or the surroundings. It is that fraction of a second when they drop their guard and project a genuine reaction. Laughter provides powerful and uncensored insights into our subconscious. It simply projects out on us in certain situations spontaneously. 

Impact It is no surprise that our emotions are dependent on our surroundings. People and their emotions are also affected by others. So in one way or another, your wellbeing is affected by people that we have never ever known. We are all impactful and we are all connected.


This concept is portrayed in this gallery by printing high contrast black and white photographs on translucent material. The portraits are hung on windows where they were mainly back-lit by natural light. In other words, their mood and visibility will depend entirely on surrounding external factors like the sun, clouds, dust, fog, and the time of the day.


"It is that fraction of a second

       when they drop their guard

             and project a genuine reaction"

What truly distinguishes Impulse&Impact from other galleries is that the artwork (portraits) can be seen from two sides, front and back. They can also be perceived differently from each side, taking into account that both perceptions complement each other to collectively convey a message. Our impulsive nature impacts us and our surroundings.


The window-hung printed portraits are proportioned in a way to gives each person in the portrait focused attention whether they are being observed from the interiors of the office or by a pedestrian walking across the street from the office building. The observer will see a clean and unified strip of happy faces lit up all across the office façade. It reflects harmony, transparency, diversity, unity, positivity, and collaboration; which are all reasons the human race should be celebrated.

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